Magic is afoot! The stars have aligned and it's happening! 

These times require innovative thinking and deep embodied listening. 

After a hectic year for everyone, our ISTA Sydney & Byron Bay Trainings have merged 

together to co-create a once in a lifetime, extraordinary gathering for our conscious ISTA community. 

We are called to new land, that of the magic of Ivory's Rock!

Level 1 - 22nd to 28th May, 2021

Level 2 - 30th May to 5th June, 2021

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Join Us on the Magical Land of Ivory's Rock, South East Queensland this May & June, 2021

and Step Into the Next Level of Your Evolution.

These powerful trainings provides the essential teachings and experiences that restore to us our full human technology. It gives us the type of education we should have had around our sexuality, our emotions and our relationships with the masculine and feminine energies within.

LEVEL 1 - Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th May, 2021

                 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSex)                 Now Fully Booked, Open For Waitlist Applications


The training runs for seven days beginning with embodiment practices, followed by full days of rituals and experiences.

Activities include hands-on practice and coaching around the use and implementation of seven powerful tools including emotional release, aspecting, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, an exploration into ethics and boundaries and introduction of rituals of initiation.

This revolutionary life empowerment course also supports you to masterfully direct your primal and sexual nature, so you can more deeply embody a fully integrated, respectful and vibrant relationship with yourself, others and align with the life web.

Central to this are presence, awareness, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual wholeness, and a lifestyle which honours the interconnectedness of all things. Acknowledging and embracing one's shadow (or un-integrated psychological material) is the cornerstone of this work.

ISTA Level 1 is a safe container that will allow, invite and offer you:

• The opportunity to stop, feel and take a look at yourself in a whole new way, whatever your life situation may be. This is an opportunity to wake up to your life.

• An invitation to take risks, meet and explore your edges while honouring your healthy boundaries.

• Essential life skills we all should have received as teenagers.

• A space for you to see, show and live from the ‘you’ that lies beneath the mask. You will see more clearly where you are operating from ego and the belief patterns of others and society.

• A view into where your inner masculine and inner feminine may be immature, unhealthy or at war. It will guide you to bring them back towards union, love and integration. This is huge!

• An invitation to reconnect to and learn to love your emotional body and heart power…as well as your physical body.

• Awareness of yourself as an Energy Being, with skills that allow you to dance with this energy body alongside your physical body.

• The ability to harness wisdom from your body and heart, instead of only your mind.

• Powerful opportunities for healing core wounds.

• A reminder of how to love yourself, to feel the healing power of pleasure, with ways to expand your sexuality and orgasmic potential.

• The deep understanding that sexuality and spirituality are one.

• Opportunities for deep healing around lost love, sexuality, grief, self-love and mother and father wounds.

• A spotlight on how culture, religion and society have kept us from expressing who we really are.

• Powerful rituals that bring deep healing and reclamation of your personal power.

• An opportunity to consider what your life might look like if it was not controlled by society’s expectations, ego, family, fear, shame and guilt.

• The knowledge of what it truly is to be a sovereign being.


Everyone ready to embrace the fullness of their human technology.

Life's core experiences and wounds are universal. They touch and affect individuals of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and race. Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA trainings and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and wounds and transforming them into conscious ways of being. All ages are welcome, from 18 to 100, couples and individuals, all backgrounds and professions, sexual orientations and paths, gender identities, religions, races and nationalities.

Some people take this training for their own personal evolution, to gain a deeper self-connection and to enrich their relationships and empower their lives. Others are interested in exploring how it will add to their own professional life whatever that may be. Some are interested in the professions of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Sexuality Educator. The greater the mix of prior experiences, the richer the training.

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This revolutionary life empowerment course supports us to masterfully direct our primal and sexual nature so  we can more deeply embody a fully integrated, respectful and vibrant relationship with ourselves and others. The entire course is designed to support all individuals to find, feel, claim, and express their highest life expression. If it is your truth, it is totally possible to complete the entire training/experience without touching another person.

LEVEL 2 - Sunday, 30th May to Saturday, 5th June, 2021

Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Initiation (SSSin)


Level 1 (SSSEx) begins its work once the decision is made that this is the way we want to live and not just a peak experience in a workshop. Level 2 (SSSIn) guides you through a series of self initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world.

ISTA’s initiation provides the teachings and experiences we didn’t receive around our spirituality, our relationship with the transpersonal and its integration with the personal and universal. This provides us with the opportunity to shift our identity into the soul and become the source of our own life, love and empowered expression in the world.

Its symbol is the offering up of the heart. Once the life is ‘given up’ or ‘taken over’ by this deeper part of ourselves then we are ready for the greater mysteries – the identification with the universal life of our cosmos and planet. The self becomes a source of inflowing current to our surroundings enabling others to awaken, initiate and transform. We become a creative force in our environment.

Level 2 deepens the experience of Level 1 allowing for more hands-on practise with some of the tools and techniques taught. It provides an alchemical container for transformation through group practise, ritual and meditation.


The Shamanic Initiation: Its core is death and rebirth. This overcomes the fear of death in the base chakra and also sets the shaman apart from the tribe to serve the tribe in a special way. It is an essential component to the integration of sexual and spiritual worlds because it results in the transcendence of ego and the dedication of one's awakened powers to the collective. The result is Power.

The Sexual Initiation - The rituals of self-pleasure and sacred spot in Level 1 awaken a deeper relationship with our sexual energies. In Level 2, we explore the unification of our masculine and feminine, conscious penetration and sacred union. The result is Love.

The Spiritual Initiation - Meditation training and essential identity inquiry opens us into our primordial awareness and provide a taste of sunyata or the void experience. Invocatory temples combined with a personal vision quest provides each individual an opportunity for deeper levels of their being to be contacted, honoured and integrated. The result is Presence.

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Please Note: This Faculty Team May Change In Accordance with Government Travel Restrictions

Level 1 Team

Sean O'Faolain

Co Facilitator

Since discovering Tantra and sacred sexuality twelve years ago, he has been studying intensively under many different tantric traditions and lineages. He has a long established background in yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance and is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Transpersonal Counsellor, Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, Sexological Bodyworker and Massage Therapist. 

Janine Ma Ree

Lead Facilitator

Janine Ma-Ree has been facilitating transformational spaces for over 25 years. She supports people to live a life of spiritual embodiment, shadow integration, wild innocence, radical love and an ecstatic resonance anchored in the dark beyond polarity. She has a passion for the mysteries of matter, the shamanic and the path of the mystic.

Marion Ellyard

Co Facilitator

Marion Ellyard is a passionate mother and partner that has been deeply involved with the ISTA community since 2013, as not only an organizer but also as a participant, speaker and faculty member. She has worked with different individuals as a body-based therapist for over 20 years with an emphasis on counselling, intimacy coaching, somatic experiences and healing trauma through rewiring the patterns of the brain. 

Level 2 Team

Regan Pryor

Co Facilitator

Regan Pryor’s journey has taken him through a deeply embodied and felt sense of the vast spectrum of life experience available to us during these beautiful and challenging times on the earth. He has moved through an intensive investigation into the realms of relating, the domains of the corporate and creative industries as well as organic farming and permaculture lifestyle. 

Janine Ma Ree

Lead Facilitator

Janine founded Red Earth Temple, a living temple of activated wild land. The land is her teacher, her muse and co creator. She created the Shamanic Womb Journey work, is lead faculty at International School of Temple Arts and serves in Wisdom Circle, lead facilitator at Highden Mystery School, and creates/co creates other offerings as they emerge. 

Stephanie Phillips

Co Facilitator

Stephanie is a global teacher at the forefront of the conscious sexuality movement. She initiates groups with Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing and the deep call of our inner wisdom. She works with practical basics and simple tools, guided journeys, movement expression, humanistic psychology, transpersonal themes, shadow work, sacred sexuality and the healing arts.


IVORY'S ROCK, Peak Crossing, South East Queensland

Ivory's Rock is an extraordinary venue set in the heart of an old volcano. It has an abundant wildlife & bird population on 635 pristine hectares of natural bushland with hiking trails and well maintained parklands. It offers amazing quality Training facilities and ensuited accomodations that we are fortunate to have all to ourselves for our May ISTA Trainings.

It's an easy 60 minutes drive from Brisbane Airport along the expressway, 90 mins along the Logan Motorway from 

the Gold Coast or 2.5 hours from Byron Bay. 


Book NOW! $500 Deposit Secures Your Place

Price Level 1 or 2


Pay $500 now & your $1350 balance

 by  10th April, 2021.

+ Food & Accomodation paid direct to the venue

*** Book Both Levels 1 & 2 ***


* Price $3600 Save an extra $100 - Pay $1000 deposit now & your $2600 balance by April 10th, 2021.

+ your Food & Accomodation paid direct to the venue.

*** Please Note: If you are experiencing Level 1 for the first time, at the completion of the training, you will be assessed as to your readiness to attend Level 2. Your payment of both Levels does not ensure your position in Level 2. Please keep this in mind when planning your travel dates to and from the venue.

Youth Price 

$1200 (18-25 years) 

Pay $500 deposit now & your 

$700 balance by April 10th, 2021.

+ Food & Accomodation cost paid direct to venue

Repeaters Price 


Pay $500 deposit now & your 

$450 balance by April 10th, 2021.

+ Food & Accomodation paid direct to the venue. 



Your Food & Accommodation fee is booked and payed directly with Ivory's Rock before April 10th, 2021. It includes 3 plentiful and delicious vegetarian meals per day, prepared by our amazing Italian chef, Kris Campbell & her team from Byron Bay. 

Choose from single or double ensuited cabins with generous inclusions.

1 & 2 Person Cabins

7 Day/6 Night

Cabin 1 Person $840


with Double Bed, Ensuite, Toiletries Starter Pack, Kitchenette with Fridge & Tea Making Facilities, Bed Linen & Towel, Wardrobe,  

Air Conditioning

& All Meals

7 Day/6 Night

Cabin 2 People $675 per person - $1350 two people, must be booked & paid in 1 transaction

with One Double Bed, Ensuite, Toiletries Starter Pack, Kitchenette with Fridge & 

Tea Making Facilities, Bed Linen 

& Towels, Wardrobe, Air Conditioning

& All Meals

15 Day/14 Night All Inclusions Package for Both Trainings - 22nd May to 5th June

Cabin 1 Person $ 1820

Cabin 2 Persons $1505 per person, $1350 two people, must be booked & paid in 1 transaction.

Includes 2 nights & 1 rest day between trainings, 1 Room Refresh & Linen Change

Extra Nights Accommodation

Would you like to stay an extra night to integrate after your Level 1?

Extra Night including Dinner & Breakfast $140 Single $225 Double

Would you like to come 1 night early to settle in before Level 2?

Extra Night includes Dinner & Breakfast  $140 Single $225 Double

* Extra nights dependant on availability

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You provide all your own camping gear & bedding and share a covid safe bathroom with 1 other person.

7 Day/6 Night

Camping Site with All Meals

$570 per person

15 Day/14 Night

Camping Site with All Meals

$1330 per person


1) Pay your $500 AUS deposit now

2) Fill Out Your Registration Form - Click Here: https://form.jotform.com/203426563959869

3) Book & Pay For Your Accommodation & Food Package with Ivory's Rock direct - 


4) Pay Your Balance By the 10th April, 2021.

You're booking is confirmed once we receive payment of deposit and your registration form.


Secure your place with a $500 deposit and then the balance of the full course fee at your convenience, due latest on or before April 10th, 2021.


If by chance this event is cancelled by us due to Covid regulations, you are assured that full refunds will be returned 

to you within 14 days of the event cancellation, less a $30 administration fee and any bank fees incurred.

If the Covid laws change in any state and you are no longer 

able to travel to attend due to these laws, you are assured that full refunds will be returned to you within 14 days of notice, less a $30 administration fee and any bank fees incurred.

Alternatively, you may transfer your payment to a future 

ISTA training being held in Australia in the next 12 months.

If you cannot attend for any other reason other than COVID Regulations our normal Refund & Cancellation Policy will apply. Please see details below.

The Accommodation & Food payments you make direct to the Ivory's Rock venue will be refunded by the venue less 10% administration fee. All correspondence about Food & Accommodation is to be undertaken between Participants & Ivory's Rock.


  • The $500 deposit is strictly non refundable or transferable. 
  •  In the event of a medical emergency and you provide a medical certificate, you may transfer your deposit less   $150 administration cost to a future ISTA Training in Australia being held within next 12 months.
  • Refunds for the balance of fees are extended when more than 45 days notice of cancellation is given (no later than 7th April, 2021). 
  • After 7th April, 2021 No refunds are extended, however balance of funds can be transferred to another person attending on the same training. 


Please make all payments to the following account:

Bank: Southern Cross Credit Union

Account Name: Tatsuya Pty Ltd

Account No: 100129650

BSB: 722-744

Please note your name & which training you are booking into.

For International transfers we recommend Transferwise as the cheapest and easiest payment option. www.transferwise.com


This is an individual process that happens in a group environment and a level of ability to be self responsible is needed to navigate the spiritual sexual shamanic space. 

ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul. We recommend that if there is known deep seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get the ok from their therapist before entering the group process.



Marion Ellyard

Eve Marie

PH: 0425 347 477